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Discover the furniture production made in Brianza

Passaporto del mobile - How it works

Brianza is one of the most important furniture district in the world and boasts a density of six firms per square kilometer, specialized in wood-working and furniture manufacturing. This figure is 2,4 percentage points higher than the Lombardy regional average. Monza and Brianza Chamber of Commerce promotes several initiatives about design, in particular “Passaporto del mobile” (the identity card of furniture made in Brianza).

“Passaporto del mobile” is a personalized document to certify furniture products “Made in Brianza” and represents an innovative method of production traceability through the application on a QR Code.

The project brings together companies from the Brianza manufacturing district; Italy's key center for quality and innovative design and is the district largely in charge of the success of the modern "made in Italy" furniture. “Passaporto del mobile” offers a unique opportunity to engage in businessmatching on a global scale, increase your network of qualified leads, and get in direct contact with manufacturing companies and design professionals. Not only for the home interior design. Brianza companies serve a wide variety of customers: hotels, restaurants, wellness centers, gyms and the boating industry are just some of the target sectors. Architects, interior designers, design professionals, buyers and contractors, research centers are all invited to download personalized schedules of “Passaporto del mobile”.